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Expert Sidewalk Repair Services in Manhattan

Sidewalks well kept

Thousands of feet and paws traverse your Manhattan sidewalk every week, but you only need to know one name for sidewalk repair: Sidewalk Repair Queens.

The sidewalk adjacent to your Manhattan home or business is an extension of your property. It's a place for gathering, unloading, gearing up, and exchanging pleasantries. It is the beginning of your journey and the end of your travels. It's also the place that you're required to maintain.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regularly investigates Manhattan area sidewalk complaints. If your sidewalk is found to be out of compliance with standards and guidelines, the result could be a DOT violation notice. While this notice is not a fine, you are required to make the sidewalk repair. Otherwise, DOT may have the repairs made by one of their contractors and then send the bill to you - which could cost you much more than hiring the professionals at Sidewalk Repair Queens.

There are several issues that can lead to a DOT violation notice:

  • Complaints from pedestrians
  • Grading or sloping problems
  • Surface deterioration, holes, and cracks
  • Structural issues and curb damage
  • Displacement or collapse of the sidewalk
  • Protruding objects

The good news is that Sidewalk Repair Queens has a thorough understanding of the guidelines and specifications set forth by your municipality. From permitting to blueprint interpretation to final inspection, the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens can remedy your issue and handle your DOT violation removal. We are fully licensed and insured, so you can be confident that your licensed contractor will always be prompt and professional.

If your sidewalk project is more than a simple concrete installation, the sidewalk repair experts at Sidewalk Repair Queens are skilled with paver repair, utility and accessibility ramps, and landmark sidewalk repair. We also offer next-day emergency services. From Harlem to Tribecca and east to west, we've got your sidewalk repairs covered.

Sidewalk Repair Queens is proud to serve our neighbors in Manhattan, but we offer more than just sidewalk repair!

There is a reason that we are known as the "concrete jungle" in Manhattan - concrete is everywhere. Known for its durability, longevity, and versatility, concrete can stand the test of time in any environment - even a jungle.

As tough as concrete is, it is still not impervious to the damage that can be caused by changes in temperature, poor workmanship, auto or construction accidents, and normal wear and tear. Regular maintenance by the specialists at Sidewalk Repair Queens can prevent the issues that arise from damaged concrete, including:

  • Liability issues and trip hazards
  • Unlevel surfaces
  • Unsightly appearance
  • Weed growth
  • Pooling areas for water, leaves, and snow collection

Sidewalk Repair Queens can tackle your toughest concrete challenge with exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship. Whether you are installing a new patio, repairing a pool deck, updating pavers, or matching historic materials, we have the expertise to handle a variety of concrete contractor services for our Manhattan neighbors. Give us a call today at 718-544-6411 and let us handle your sidewalk repair in a New York minute.

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