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Expert Sidewalk Repair Services by Skilled Professionals in Queens

Cracked sidewalk

If you are in search of the best sidewalk repair company in Queens, then you have come to the right place. Sidewalk Repair Queens is the premier provider of sidewalk repairs, sidewalk replacement, and DOT violation removal in Queens and the surrounding areas.

Our sidewalks get us where we need to go, providing safe transport for workers, school children, and pet-owners out for a stroll. Keeping our sidewalks safe for the millions of New Yorkers who use them every day is vital to making our community work. When the conditions of your sidewalk's surface degrade to the point where trip hazards exist or the route becomes inaccessible, then it's time to make repairs.

Over time, your sidewalks can shift, become uneven or cracked, or experience structural issues that require repair. If you notice that the sidewalks in front of your home or business have issues, the sidewalk repair experts at Sidewalk Repair Queens have the experience, the skills, and the tools of the trade to bring your sidewalk back to life.

Sidewalk Repair Queens is the areas top sidewalk repair company and can handle all types of sidewalk damage due to:

  • Displacement or collapse
  • Cracks, holes, or surface deterioration
  • Grade and slope issues
  • Intrusion of tree root systems
  • Utility work

Regular sidewalk maintenance can keep your sidewalk looking its best, adding to the appeal of your Queens area home or business. A clean, smooth, easily accessible sidewalk not only offers a welcoming pathway to others who use it, but it makes a statement that you care about the safety of your friends, neighbors, and guests who use your sidewalk on a daily basis.

We Offer A Variety Of Sidewalk Repair Services

Our expertise and level of professionalism at Sidewalk Repair Queens is second to none. You can count on us to make your repairs in a timely manner with courteous service and professional results. We can tackle all types of sidewalk repair utilizing a variety of proven techniques such as:

  • Patching
  • Wedging
  • Overlays
  • Grinding
  • Horizontal cutting
  • Mud-jacking

When you are looking for the top-rated sidewalk repair company in Queens, call the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens for a free estimate at 718-544-6411.

Have You Received A DOT Violation Notice That May Require Sidewalk Repair?

For property owners in Queens, the onus for sidewalk repairs falls on you. DOT performs regular sidewalk inspections to ensure that all sidewalks meet standards set forth by the governing municipalities for each borough. When issues with navigability or safety are discovered, a notice is sent to the property owner with a demand that repairs be made.

Should the property owner neglect to make those repairs, DOT will hire their own contractor to make the required repairs and submit the bill to the property owner. In most instances, the imposed repairs are significantly higher in cost than had the services been rendered by a private sidewalk repair company. Non-payment can lead to property liens, sending you into a sidewalk repair nightmare.

There is no need to worry when you have the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens on your side. We can remedy your DOT violation, handle contact with DOT on your behalf, pull all required permits, follow DOT blueprints and guidelines, and have your violation removed. Our sidewalk repair company is fully licensed and insured. Rest assured, we meet all requirements for contractor licensing in Queens and the surrounding areas.

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