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Specialized Landmark Sidewalk Repair Services in Queens, NY

Sidewalks well kept

Landmark sidewalk repairs require a little extra care and attention. When your Queens area landmark or historic property needs landmark sidewalk repairs, call the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens.

When you purchase a landmark or historic property, you become more than just an owner. You're a steward of our Queens history. With the responsibility of owning the landmark property comes the obligation to maintain the adjacent sidewalks.

New York has established landmark preservation guidelines for making landmark sidewalk repairs. For example, concrete sidewalks:

  • Must be replaced with concrete, or the historic material must be restored if documentation indicates the sidewalk was another material
  • Must be color-matched to the predominant paving on the sidewalk using tints or pigments
  • Must be scored to align with adjacent sidewalks
  • Must retain historic stone curbs whenever possible

That's a lot of information for a layperson to know - and the guidelines are even more stringent for bluestone and granite sidewalks, cobblestones, and vaulted sidewalks. That's why when you need landmark sidewalk repair for your property in Queens and the neighboring boroughs, Sidewalk Repair Queens is the sidewalk contractor to call.

Preserving Community and Following Local Laws With Landmark Sidewalk Repair Services

In Queens, our sidewalks aren't just pathways to get us from here to there. They are part of the character of our neighborhoods. The stories our sidewalks would tell if they could talk would tell of the passion those who walked before us had for our community. They are a testament to our durability. That's why you don't want to trust your landmark sidewalk repairs to just anyone.

The consummate professionals at Sidewalk Repair Queens have the experience and the skill to ensure that the workmanship on your landmark sidewalk repair will be of the highest quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project, and you will be thrilled with the results.

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured and can handle your project with professionalism from start to finish. We can counsel you throughout the entire landmark sidewalk repair project, and are familiar with all phases including:

  • DOT violation notices
  • Permitting
  • Blueprint interpretation and adherence to specifications
  • Inspections
  • DOT violation removal

Sidewalk Repair Queens is the premier sidewalk repair company in the Queens area. In addition to our landmark sidewalk repair, we also offer a variety of services including backyard concrete projects, driveway repair, accessibility and utility ramp repair and installation, and sidewalk and curb repair and installation. With years of experience in the field, our concrete specialists have the tools and know-how to tackle your concrete project with the care it deserves.

We also offer emergency repair services for our Queens neighbors who have collapses or other pressing concerns with their sidewalk. We can be on-site within 24-hours and will make prompt repairs for your emergency project.

Remember, as a Queens property owner, you bear the responsibility and the liability for accidents that occur due to improper maintenance of the sidewalks adjoining your property. Sidewalk Repair Queens can help relieve you of the burden by offering free consultations for your sidewalk repair project. Give us a call today at 718-544-6411 and leave your landmark sidewalk repair to the pros at Sidewalk Repair Queens.

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